Why do people need a Northern Water Cleaner?

Water has been being polluted for hundreds of years. It mainly started during the Metal Age. Water pollution has compounded in the past 125 years, and has become alarming in the last forty. Water pollution gets worse with the increase of the world’s population.

Water is the basis of life for all living things. A few years ago the water could be used from most sources, be it a stream, lake or river. Today, all natural water is so polluted that it’s completely unfit for human consumption. The main reason is that we do not like the taste is because of the numerous pollutants accumulated from many different sources. You need a water cleaner to remove the contaminants from your household water.


How much water should I drink?

We should drink eight glasses of water each day. However, most people only drink three or four – much short of what it takes to have healthy organs and a healthy body in general.

The real reason for this is that we do not like the taste of the water we are drinking. When people have a glass of water, they sip on it and only end up drinking half the glass. If they liked the taste, they would drink a full glass or maybe even two.


What is that terrible taste and smell in my tap water?

There are 110,000 chemicals used every day in this country and every one of them is found in our drinking water. One example is chlorine. Everyone has tasted and/ or smelled chlorine. This chemical was added to our drinking water in 1907 to kill waterborne diseases. At that time people were dying of Diphtheria, Cholera, plagues, E. coli and several incurable viruses. They are still in the water!

Chlorine is added, and it is the most efficient way to kill waterborne diseases. We do need it in our water. Scientists have now added to chlorine to create chloramine – an even stronger chemical.

These chemicals come into our homes by way of our water supply. We drink it, we cook with it and we wash our clothes with it. But worst of all, we shower and bathe in this chlorinated water. When we shower or bathe for ten minutes, the amount of chlorine that enters our body through our pores is equivalent to the amount we would consume by drinking ten glasses of water.


So chlorine gets into our bodies, so what?

Chlorine is one of the biggest enemies to our health. Before sewage is allowed back into our water systems, it is treated with chlorine and other chemicals to kill any bacteria present. The chlorine also comes into contact with organic material like decayed trees, grasses and other vegetation.When sewage, organic materials and chlorine mix together they cause trihalomethanes. Trihalomethanes cause cancer.

Our bodies are 65% water. Our blood stream is 90% water. The water in our blood stream delivers nutrients and energy to the cells that keep our organs healthy. When chlorinated water reaches our cells, the cells fail to divide properly. They start to mutate and are no longer healthy.

When you drink clean water, with no chlorine, your body functions properly and healthily as it was meant to. Just think of the difference between a very small amount of chlorine in the water compared to clean water – a deadly difference! We need chlorine to keep us safe from the water we drink and use every day, but you do not want the chlorine in your body!


What kind of pollutants are in our drinking water?

There are many pollutants that come into our water. From industry, pesticides and herbicides, acid rain, heavy metals, lead, arsenic, filth from animals and more filth from rain and snow run-off. Plus, doctors now tell us that people are becoming immune to medicines because they are drinking them in our water. Medicines are being flushed downstream from other people upstream – in thousands of tons. Pharmaceuticals are measured in “nanograms” which were too small to measure fifty years ago.


Has Northern Water Cleaners looked at other types of cleaners?

Northern Water Cleaners decided to study and clean water over thirty years ago. Research took a very long time as they had to measure thousands of chemical molecules, all organics, every trihalomethane and different pharmaceuticals. When we found and recorded all the information we then had to find something capable of screening them out of your water.

We looked at reverse osmosis and immediately ruled it out because it proved inefficient.

We also looked at distillation but found that it left chemicals in the water while taking out the necessary healthy minerals.

Next, we looked at the oldest cleaner known. We chose granulated activated carbon. It is recorded to have been used to clean water in the year 450 BC. We found that we could create a cleaner that it would effectively clean the different sizes of pollutants. We discovered different types of carbon and made some that are not available. Scientists have made carbon that is perfect for cleaning water.


What pollutants does the Northern Water Cleaner remove?

Chlorine, lead, cadmium, aluminum, zinc, arsenic, mercury, manganese, nickel, silver, sewage, organic material and pharmaceuticals, as well as pesticides and herbicides.

We did our work and made a very reliable water cleaner.


Can the body absorb minerals from water?

The body can and does absorb nutrients (like calcium) from organic sources very well, however; the inorganic minerals sometimes found in tap water and spring water aren’t very useful to the body.


How long does it take for skin to absorb chemicals?

Statistics like “your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it”, and “anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds”, pop up frequently across the internet.

Many people believe they are safe from the hazards of chlorine because they don’t drink unfiltered tap water.  However, people still absorbing chlorine when they bathe, shower, or swim in chlorinated pools.  In fact, two-thirds of the chlorine taken into the average person’s body comes from taking hot showers.

Chlorine is a useful chemical that is used to sanitize tap water and make it safe for drinking.  Unfortunately, it is also a toxic substance that is extremely irritating on human skin and organs including the lungs.  When you take a shower, the heat opens up your pores and your skin absorbs chlorine from both the water and the steam.


What causes trihalomethanes in water?

Trihalomethanes (THM’s) are the result of a reaction between the chlorine used for disinfecting tap water and natural organic matter in the water.  At elevated levels, THMs have been associated with negative health effects such as cancer and adverse reproductive outcomes.

Chlorine is the best sanitizer there is for water purification.  Very poisonous and is very unkindly.

Scientist, Dr. Joseph price, university of California says chlorine is the biggest crippler and killer in the world today.  The very simple solution to handle the chlorine issue is to clean the chlorine out of your water before you use it.

If you are on a tight budget, filters using activated carbon are your best bet.  They remove lead, chlorine, and trihalomethanes.

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