Northern Water Cleaners have successfully brought the cleanest and healthiest water to people everywhere.  Your home, restaurants, offices, businesses, doctor and dentist offices, medical clinics, as well as day care centers.

Northern Water Cleaner’s systems are made affordable for the health of our patrons across the world, wherever they may be.

Our water treatment is less expensive than buying bottled water.  But unlike bottled water or counter top filters our purification systems clean the water throughout your entire home.  This ensures you have the clean and healthy water your body needs whenever you shower, bathe, or wash your clothes and dishes.

Affordable and healthy water from every tap in your home!

Affordable Products


Our water treatment is less expensive than buying bottled water. But unlike bottled water or individual tap filters, our purification systems clean the water throughout your home. This ensures you have clean water whenever you shower, bathe, or wash your clothes and dishes.


The free-standing cleaner is 9” wide and 44” long. It requires little space, it doesn’t need electricity to run, and it conserves water.



Northern Water Cleaners carries a

world wide Patented Technology
to Purify Your Water


Northern Water Cleaners produces water filters in Moose Jaw and Regina that use patented technology. Specifically, our whole-house purification systems free water of impurities and unwanted chemicals.


The patented technology, called the “lodinator,” prevents bacteria from growing inside the filter canister. As a result, we deliver healthy water without the need to change filters or add chemicals on a regular basis.

Benefits of Clean Water


All homes have unwanted chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other unwanted matters in its water supply.  Pollutants like chlorine, trihalomethanes (THM’s), lead and other heavy metals, along with 7000 other chemicals.  Pollutants that have proven very unhealthy to you and your family.

When you install a Northern Water Cleaner in your home.  You will enjoy drinking the water and you’ll notice an improvement in your skin, hair, health, taste, and smell.

Whether drinking, showering, or cooking our customers feel the difference clean water makes.

Clean healthy water from every tap in your home.


At Home

Keeping your water clean for taste and smell is one thing. Removing chlorine and other chemicals such as; lead, trihalomethanes, pharmaceuticals, and more is the most important issue in making clean healthy water for you and your family. Water is the base of our health and cleaning it is our priority. We’ve created a solution that is easy to install, very affordable, and environmentally safe

At Work

Northern Water Cleaners takes great pride in cleaning water. For thousands of homes, offices, restaurants, salons, medical centers, fitness centers, and childcare centers. Northern Water Cleaners are cleaning household water for First Nations across Canada.

On The Road

Northern Water Cleaners carries the “Camper Companion” giving R.V.’s, campers, and trailers clean water at the camp site. Ensuring clean water for summer travelling; this special design is portable and easy to connect at the campsite. Cleans all water before it enters the R.V. and will give you a chemical free shower, bath, and hot water source.


Water Filter - Northern Water Cleaners


Getting harmful sediment in your water can be extremely dangerous.  With a lack of regulation on sediment and bacteria, a water crisis has emerged across the country creating unsafe water supplied from most shared sources.

Mr. Ernie Butler, took it upon himself to manufacture his own water cleaner in 1957.  First manufacturing water cleaners for other countries before bringing that same technology home to Canada.

With extensive research and help from independent laboratories and Canada’s Department of Health and Welfare, Mr. Butler developed a water treatment system able to eliminate impurities from water, while ensuring that bacteria can’t grow within the filter.

The result: The world’s leading cost-effective and efficient filtration system, as easy to install as it is to use.