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One Person Invention Became My Healing Medicine

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to FINALLY discover the anecdote for your sickness and disease was just around the corner? In fact, the business you had driven by for the last five years held the answer to your prayers and the freedom for your health and wellness!

My name is Rebecca Joy Michelle, and that was the beginning of MY story to becoming victoriously healthy! One man’s inventive creativity, sparked by a heart to help humanity, began my journey to health and wellness. [expander_maker id=”2″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

I had suffered 7 long years from adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is your body’s inability to produce the correct amount of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a hormone that is needed to regulate and support proper body and organ functioning, and cortisol works to maintain homeostasis throughout your hormonal system. Balance is the key to health and wellness! Secondly, Your adrenal glands are responsible for regulating hormones in your body. Today, our tap water contains an overdose of hormones and is the main culprit for hormonal dysfunction.  In the absence and imbalance of particular hormones; death can occur.

My health was declining rapidly, my hormones were out of control, and the oxygen in my blood was decreasing. I was suffering from severe pain in my joints, debilitating fatigue, hair loss, and my skin was changing color and texture. My testosterone levels were so low that my heart began to fail. At times. I would be on the edge of fainting and feared not waking up. This was very scary for me. Did you know that the main hormone needed to support heart and muscle functioning is testosterone?

In addition, my skin was changing! I know that vanity is NOT the sustenance of life, but I was losing the beauty of my skin, and this was an embarrassment to me. The follicles on my skin were enlarged and protruding. I looked like a chicken with my feathers plucked out-red, bumpy, and swollen! This was also a sign that the oxygen in my blood was decreasing. All of these symptoms were the result of severe hormonal imbalance.

But I was a fighter, and I had children that needed me, as well as dreams of my own to fulfill…I was NOT going to die and I was NOT going to give up. In my quest of faith to find an answer, I stumbled across an advertisement that offered, “free clean” water fill ups. I thought to myself. . . this was too good to be true ! I was already paying to another company $40.00 a month to drink dead water.

Yet something inside of me said, “try it!   I tried Northern Water’s drinking water and loved it! It was chemical free, chlorine free, lead free, hormone free, and full of essential minerals. I also found out that I could have the same clean drinking water hooked up to my bathing water. This excited me because I was allergic to chlorine, and chlorine strongly interferes with hormonal regulation in the body. Chlorine is also very carcinogenic!

I immediately hooked up to Northern Waters and in two weeks my health improved! I was not feeling as tired, the enlarged follicles on my skin began to disappear, my food sensitivities decreased, and I was waking up feeling refreshed and renewed. After 2 months of using Northern Water’s System in my home, the raised follicles on my skin vanished. The outer restoration of my skin was indeed a sign of inner healing. Eliminating toxic water transformed my health!

I no longer suffer from adrenal fatigue and my heart is pumping with energy! I have a new ZEST for life !

We are ALL connected. We are connected by our creativity, our stories, our efforts, our trials, our testimonies and our victories. One person’s creativity can heal another person’s infirmity; one person’s invention is another person’s victory, and one person’s testimony is another person’s transformation! Don’t you think it’s time to look around the corner and see what you are missing? [/expander_maker]

Rebecca Joy Michelle

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